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You're an avid reader, a true book lover, and you've been fortunate enough to find a few others just like you. Perhaps you're an avid reader, no book off limits in your library, and you want to find like-minded people who also share your passion. The question is - how do you take your love for reading to the next level? We can help!

Looking for:

  • Info on book groups such as great meeting ideas?

  • A Book Review and Summary of a popular book?

  • Book of Month Club for those too busy for a "real time" group?

You want the best examples of book reviews you can find. You also want to get as much info about how to run a reading group that you can.

Well, you've come to the right place!

Tired of looking for a great book review site and coming up empty-handed?

Queenie D's Bookshelf I know I was when I made several attempts at starting book clubs but was unsuccessful. I had the reading part covered. I was reading more than I could keep up with but at the same time feeling frustrated because my husband didn't find a glass of wine and lively conversation on The Lovely Bones his idea of a stimulating Tuesday evening!

My first attempt to join a book group miserably failed. What do you get when you take fifteen teachers and add end of work day frustration with a glass of wine? What you get is a whole lot of complaining and not a lot of book talk! After several meetings like this I called it quits and decided to go out on my own.

So began my researching. I wanted ideas that would explain how to make starting book clubs easy, while also discovering great ways to make it fun.

More importantly, I wanted good, complete book reviews!

Not just run-of-the-mill book reviews by title but a strong opinion that would inspire me to read or not to read a particular book. I was looking for recommendations for top book picks with a book review and summary from someone I could trust.

After sifting through the muck and figuring out my angle, I invited three other girls from that first failed attempt that I knew would actually be interested in talking about what they read to join me in a new kind of reading group journey.

One with rules.

That you have to follow.

And we found out it was fun! Courtesy of

Several clubs (and states) later I decided it was time to share my experience and knowledge with other strugglers out there.

And that's how I became the Book Club Queen.

What You Can Expect To Find Here:

Meeting Ideas

Book Review Club

Other Book Club Great, Fun, and Inspirational Pages

So get your favorite coffee mug filled up, grab your reading glasses and a pen (because I promise you'll want to take notes) and accept our invitation...

For the Love of Books!

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  • To post your question, idea, or shared book group experience on our board.
  • To advertise your book or product on our site.
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