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New Tricks by David Rosenfelt

Book Club Picks: New Tricks

"Because if I knew what was going to happen in my life, it wouldn't be living. I take each day as it comes."

Attorney, Andy Carpenter, has been known to have some really adorable clients. No, he is not an attorney to supermodels; he is "Attorney to the Dogs." His newest client is no exception.

Bertrand II, or Waggy as he is affectionately called, is put into Andy's care while a custody battle ensues over him. After his owner, Mr. Timmerman, is brutally murdered, the remaining family members fight for Waggy, but how far are they willing to go to get him? Not even a custody case over a dog proves to be easy for Andy.

Andy not only has to take care of this rambunctious puppy, but he has now taken on a human client as well. Steven Timmerman is the son of the murder victim that has led Andy to Waggy. He is now on trial for murder. Will Andy be able to solve the murder and place Waggy in the care of a responsible person? Will he be able to figure out what is really going on with the Timmerman family? Will Steven be proven innocent or guilty and will Waggy be reunited with his family? Read New Tricks and find out!

Book Club Picks: New Tricks Opinion

Murders, gun shots, poison, explosions, deception and intrigue make up the elements of a great mystery story...throw in lovable canines and you have an excellent read.

This is a suspenseful mystery novel with an interesting twist. At first glance, I was hesitant but once I started reading, I could not put this book down. The story line kept me trying to solve the case with Andy.

As much as I recommend this book for an everyday read, it may be difficult to incorporate into a book club. This mystery is all tied up for the reader at the end so there is really no room for debate. Depending on the members of your book club, some of the events in the book can be discussed, just not the outcome. If you do not use this book as book club selection, do be sure to choose it for your own enjoyment. I look forward to reading other books by David Rosenfelt.

Book Club Picks: New Tricks Discussion Questions

  1. What do you think about an attorney for dogs? Is that going too far?
  2. Would you have handled Steven's case any differently than Andy?
  3. Laurie asks, "Andy, would you like to know what is going to happen before it does?" Would you like to know? Why or why not?

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David Rosenfelt
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