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Getting Rid of Rosie by Lynda Simmons

Book Club Picks: Rid of Rosie

"What I wanted was back in the city, and I needed a man who understood that. A man who loved the city, and pubs, and martinis. And me?"

Sam's life is going along rather smoothly as she celebrates the first few months of the opening of her very own Irish pub. Until one day, her ex-fiancee, and love of her life, Michael, shows up at her window. The "ex" part of fiancee would be awkward in any situation, and as Michael knocked up her best friend Rosie then married her, leaving Sam at the alter, this run-in isn't for the faint of heart.

Or is it? Michael and Sam seem to effortlessly pick up where they left off, as if it hasn't been eight years since they last spoke. Sam manages to ask the inevitable, "how's Rosie," to which Michael responds, "Rosie's dead." This news shocks Sam to the core, but as they say, when one door closes another one opens. Sam might just be the door Michael needs to mend his broken heart.

Unfortunately, as Sam and Michael set a date to rekindle what might possibly still be, Rosie shows up (noticeable only to Sam) and begins to immediately wreak havoc on the situation. She may be gone in physical form, but she's certainly not gone in spirit and she has no intention of letting Sam steal her man away!

Book Club Picks: Rid of Rosie Opinion

Raise your hand if you believe in ghosts. Anyone raise their hand? Anyone? I'm one that does the "sort-of" raise, like I can't make up my mind for sure one way or the other.

This book certainly impacted my hand raise. I'm pretty sure, right about now, my hand is as straight as the rest of the self-proclaimed believers. And how could a fiction novel, with garlic, rice piles, and burning sage do this for me you might be wondering? Well the truth is, the sheer confidence with which Lynda Simmons writes her novel must mean that she's experienced the paranormal - or else known someone who has.

That said, Getting Rid of Rosie is a funny yet witty, quirky yet romantic, and heartwarming yet heartbreaking story of love and friendship, and the extremes that people will go to maintain each. Add to this a pub full of well-developed characters, and a truly unique novel is born.

As a book club pick, the story has great room for debate. The question of whether or not each group member even believes in the supernatural will be the perfect way to get the ball rolling. From there, watch the discussion go wild. I recommend this book highly for book clubs.

Book Club Picks: Rid of Rosie Discussion Questions

  1. What is your take on spirits and the afterlife?
  2. Do you like Rosie?
  3. Will Eva and Johnny end up together?

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