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Twenty-five Years ago Today by Stacy Juba

Book Club Choices: Twenty-five Years ago Today

"She needed to tell Nicole goodbye in person, to apologize for the secret she could never reveal, not even to her parents."

Did you ever wonder what happens when a crime goes unsolved? What does it do to the family involved? Kris Langley is about to find out. After switching career paths, Kris winds up writing announcements and obituaries in the local paper. She loves her new job and finds herself being intrigued by a local, unsolved murder that happened 25 years ago. Due to a similar family experience, Kris decides to take it upon herself to investigate.

Kris Langley has spent her whole life feeling inadequate when in the company of her mother and sister. She also carried around guilt about the murder of her beloved cousin. She thought that by solving this 25 year old mystery, she would bring closure to the family and also herself. Will she be able to figure it all out?

Book Club Choices: Twenty-five Years ago Today Opinion

Stacy Juba has written a page-turner!

This has to be one of my favorite mystery books that I've read this year. The characters are well written and have so much depth that it feels like this has actually happened. As soon as I finished reading, I wanted to find out what else she had written and was surprised that this was her first book. (Note: She has written a young adult novel under her maiden name). I am eagerly awaiting her next book.

Book club groups will enjoy this book because there is so much that happens between its pages. The murder took place 25 years ago and to recall those facts has brought up a lot for the characters. If you enjoy a good mystery book, then do not pass this by.

Discussion Questions

  1. If you were Kris, would you have gotten involved in solving a 25 year old murder?
  2. Who were your lists of suspects while you were reading this book?
  3. Dex was Kris' mentor at the newspaper. Who is/are your mentor(s) and why?

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Stacy Juba
Stacy Juba

AUTHOR(S): Stacy Juba

TYPE OF BOOK: Mystery Fiction




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